Phone: 515-331-7714 Address: 200 SE 37th Street,Grimes, Iowa
  • Team Fee: 8 players $575.  Includes 1 reversible jersey per player.  Roster over 8 players, $20 per additional player for Jersey.
  • Free Agent Signup: $85/player (Includes Jersey.)
  • Registration Deadline:  April 17, 2020

Rules Highlights:

  • 20 Minute half, 5 minute halftime, with a continuous  clock.
  • Modified ELAM Ending: At the 5 minute mark of the 2nd half, the game will be halted.  8 points will be added to the leading team’s score, and the first team to reach that total will be the winner.  (Games can end on a made free throw.)  (If the game time reaches the 55 minute mark of the scheduled time, the team leading at that time will be the winner.  If the game is tied, both teams will shoot a free throw.  If one team misses and the other team makes, the team that made the free throw wins.  If both make or both miss, another free throw round is done.  Rounds will continue (with the teams alternating who shoots first) until a winner is decided.)
Free Agent Sign Up Form

Team Entry Fee $525

Additional Roster fee $20 for each roster member past the 8th member

# of players over 8, $20 ea

Free Agent Fee $85

Team Entry Form
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