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Fri 1.15.21.  Due to the weather, there will be NO Skills and Drills for basketball or baseball today or tonight.

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Due to the limited availability of space because of the Current Covid 19 decrees, please schedule your workout appointment to ensure your workout time because of occupancy and social distincing limitations.

To book an appointment, select the type of workout/class you are looking to sign up for, then hit DATE, then hit SEARCH TIME SLOTS.  select the day/time and hit BOOK then CHECK OUT.  Fill out the form and send and you are done!!  TO sign up for multiple times at once, keep selecting BOOK at the appropriate days and times.  When you have them all selected, hit check out and sign up for all the selections at the same time.

When Booking an OPEN GYM COURT,  One person books the court, and can bring up to 3 additional people with them (because of social distancing rules).  Court a has no volleyball net.  Court can be either basketball or volleyball.  Please tell us which in the comments section while booking.


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About Us


IGNIT provides an unparalleled experience through clubs, programs, equipment and overall atmosphere for you, your family and friends that allows everyone to reach and sustain their desired health, fitness and lifestyle goals.

At Ignit we provide individualized programs with proven results, along with world class facilities and great overall experiences to help athletes, families, coaches and clubs of all levels obtain desired  fitness and sports related objectives.




                                         HOURS OF OPERATION

M – F:  5am – 8pm                 M – F:  9pm- 8pm                    M – F:  9am – 7pm 
Sat:  6am – 7pm                      Sat:  10am – 3pm                     Sat:  10am – 3pm 
Sun:  7am – 5pm                     Sun:  11am – 2pm                     Sun:  Noon – 2pm

classes start on the hour 


M-F: 5am-8pm
Sat : 6am-7pm
Sun: 7am-5pm

M-F: 9pm-8pm
Sat: 10am-3pm
Sun: 11am-2pm
 Classes start on the hour 

M-F: 9am-7pm
Sat 10am-3pm
Sun Noon-2pm



BODY IGNIT  Our exciting new fitness club for adults.  Individual and group training and classes for the results you want.

IGNIT PERFORMANCE  Youth oriented  small group lessons with dedicated coach. Workouts designed to enhance speed, agility, balance, endurance, strength and explosiveness.


Coaches interested in hosting lessons at Ignit, please click HERE


Ignit Sports Foundation believes youth sports create a unique experience that develops self-confidence, discipline, leadership, socialization and academic performance. The goal of the Ignit Sports Foundation is to provide opportunities and access to elite level sports coaching, training and facilities in a fun and safe environment.  Enabling boys and girls of all skill levels to maximize their athletic potential.  

  The Ignit Sports Foundation desires to serve the following communities:                                                    

  • Individuals or athletic teams with a financial need 
  • Non-Profit Organizations that can utilize Ignit’s facilities or coaching/training services for its youth 
  • Families of military, police or fire.

                                                                                          Check it out  HERE

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