Lessons offered at IGNIT are grouped by sport.  Simply go to the sport you are interested in, and click on the name of a coach listed there.  This will give you more information on the coach. If you wish to request lessons from that coach, or any other coach, follow the instructions below:


 go to self serve.  If you have not bookmarked it, here is the link: https://ignitsportsgrimes.ezfacility.com/Sessions
     Sign in.  If you forgot your username, reach out to us , if you forgot your password, reset it.     The Ignit schedule should be the default screen.  If it is not, just click “Book Classes and Lessons” from the drop down on the left.
     On the schedule, click “filter” and choose the 3rd option (looks like a calendar page)
      Scroll through the dropdown (Sports Lessons are grouped by sport, the list is alphabetical)and check the lessons by the coach you want, or check them all in a specific sport to see the full schedule. then hit the blue filter button below.
       All the current offerings will come up.  Once you find a lesson  you want to register into, click it.  If you have lessons available, you will be able to register.  If you have used all of your lessons, you  will be prompted to purchase more.  

IF you DO NOT have a Self Serve Account its easy to get one.  Just go here and sign up:  https://ignitsports.com/lessons-schedule/